How to scrap your car in Luton

It couldn’t be easier to get rid of your scrap car in Lutonfor free.

  1. Get in touch and tell us the details of your scrap car as well as arrange a time for collection.
  2. We take the logbook and tow away the vehicle at the time you have arranged. If you prefer you can mail the logbook to us before we come to collect your car. (If you are not in possession on the logbook for the scrap car, we are still able to tow it away, but you will need to tell us beforehand and you will need to contact the DVLA in writing to let them know you are having the car scrapped.)
  3. You get section 9 of the logbook back, together with an intent of destructioncertificate.
  4. You are advised to send the section 9 to the DVLA at this point.
  5. We send the rest of the logbook to the DVLA and inform them that the vehicle is off the road (make a SORN) and can be de-registered.
  6. The DVLA should notify you within 4 to 6 weeks.

What do we do once we’ve taken away your scrap car?

Once we’ve towed away your old car for scrap we will remove any parts that can be reused in some way (such as the tyres and the battery). Then we remove the catalytic converter and other parts which can be recycled. As we do not obtain the relevant licences to remove any fuel remaining in your scrap car. We take the cars complete to a licenced company, who remove the oil, fuel and other hazzardous fluids and parts. It is only then that the vehicle can be crushed and recycled. Scrap cars are fully recycled with the relevant licences.